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Why Custom Make Your Own Qipao

Ever wondered why you should get your qipaos custom made instead of getting it off the rack? Continue reading to understand our reasons why. Yes, having them custom made does require more fittings but we guarantee it is not as troublesome as it may sound.  You might even enjoy the process.  Better Fit: The core goal of custom made clothing is so that the garment is produced based on your measurements while still being comfortable. It is essential that the qipao hugs your body at the right curves, flattering you at the best way possible. The idea is to flaunt...

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What To Expect At Your First Qipao Appointment

A lot of our clients are first time qipao/cheongsam wearers so we often get a lot of enquiries asking what they should expect and how the first qipao appointment works.    We, at Qipology, will assist you in selecting the perfect qipao dress that best suits your figure, your requirements, and your budget. First of all, book an appointment with us so we can fully devote our time to you. Come to our studio to try on our current styles so you can have a general idea on what suits your style and figure the best. You may be surprised...

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Our Top 5 Favorite Cheongsam Looks Worn by Celebrities

Cheongsams are extremely flattering, elegant and sophisticated, it’s not surprising that many Hollywood celebrities choose to wear the look. Here are five of our favorites – let us know if you agree! 1. Sienna Miller in Prada - We love how Miller wore this Prada runway look at the New York Film Festival in 2016. The turquoise and black feathered sleeves and hem details really bring the cheongsam inspired look to a whole new level. 2. Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad - Taylor Swift looked absolutely stunning in a nude sparkly modern qipao gown at the 2012 Grammy Awards. The daring...

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How to Wear a Qipao Without Feeling Out of Place

Read our tips on how to modernize your qipao / cheongsam look.

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How to Find the Perfect Bridal Qipao / Cheongsam for your Wedding?

Often brides have never worn a qipao before. Read a few tips on how to find the perfect bridal qipao / cheongsam.

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