Can I wear a white qipao for my wedding?

With the pandemic restrictions in place, couples are forced to get married in smaller ceremonies rather than holding big banquets. Usually brides choose to wear qipaos during the tea ceremony or the  evening part of the banquet but with those plans postponed (until Covid-19 improves), have you considered wearing a qipao for your civil ceremony?   

The traditional color for a bridal qipao is red, as it symbolizes good luck, happiness and prosperity. However, we are seeing more and more brides opting for qipaos in white as a more modern approach. Qipaos in white are absolutely goddess- like, and very photogenic. We can’t wait to share a few styles with you below! What’s best? It can easily be worn again in future dinner or cocktail parties.

white cheongsam qipao custom made
custom made mermaid qipao w embellished lace
white qipao cheongsam custom made
vivien in custom made bird of paradise 
meng in custom made bird of paradise 
mandy in custom made bird of paradise 
Kasumi in custom made lace modern qipao 

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