What is Qixi and why do people celebrate it?

(Source: Sonofchina.com)

We typically know Valentine's Day to be on February 14th, but did you know in Chinese culture, Chinese Valentine's Day, also known as QIXI (七夕), is on the 7th day of the 7th month of every lunar year.

The festival is based on a romantic legend about Niu Lang and Zhi Nü.

According to Chinese myth, seven goddesses who lived in heaven secretly ventured to the mortal world one night to do some exploring. When Niu Lang, spotted Zhi Nü, one of the seven goddesses, it was love at first sight. She stayed behind in the mortal world marrying Niu Lang. When the Goddess of Heaven discovered this, she ordered Zhi Nu to return to Heaven. QIXI celebrates the couple when they can reunite every once a year.

Nowadays, people usually celebrate this festival with grand romantic gestures, boxes of chocolates and longing for true love. 

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1. Silk Mask

Mask - Silk w crystal

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2. Cap Sleeves Cut Out Mandarin Collar Top
Cap Sleeves Cut Out Mandarin Collar Top (Black)
Bae loves to receive something special on this day. Featuring cut out details and a mandarin collar, this knitted qipao top is designed to add a contemporary touch to an otherwise simple concept. A little bit sexy but not too much, she will definitely love it! Available in cute dusty pink and cool girl black.
3. Knitted Qipao Cap with Pankou Button
Knitted Qipao Cape with Pankou Button
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