5 Qipao Ideas for Your Chinese Summer Wedding

For many Chinese brides, wearing a qipao on their wedding day evokes not only a sense of unparalleled beauty, but also a profound connection to and pride in their cultural heritage. If you are enamored with the idea of wearing a qipao for your tea ceremony, but worried about the scorching summer heat, fear not - here are a few suggestions that will be weather-suitable, while still paying homage to the Chinese culture.

1. Lightweight Qipao:

A qipao made with a lightweight and breathable material, such as silk satin or cotton, is a great option way for keeping cool in the summer heat.

Gloxinia Cap Sleeve Mesh Back Qipao


2. Lace Qipao:

A lace qipao can add a delicate and romantic touch to your wedding look. Choose a light-colored lace fabric, such as ivory or white, to create a bridal look, or red if you want something more traditional. 

Calla Lily Lace Qipao

Achillea Sleeveless Lace Bridal Qipao


3. Embroidered Qipao:

An embroidered qipao with intricate designs can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding look. Choose a qipao with embroidery in a color that complements your wedding theme.

Belladonna Lily Cap Sleeves Embroidered A Line Qipao

Jade Vine Halter Embellished Qipao

4. Pastel-colored Qipao:

Pastel colors are perfect for a summer wedding. Consider a qipao in soft shades of pink, blue, or lavender. These colors will look gorgeous in photos, especially outdoors.

Sleeveless Embellished Qipao

Paperwhites Sleeveless Qipao (Light Blue)

5. Two-piece Qipao:

A two-piece qipao, consisting of a top and skirt, can be a great option for a summer wedding. You can choose a top with short sleeves or a sleeveless design, and a skirt with a high slit to keep cool. This style also allows for more flexibility in movement, which can be important during a long wedding day.

Sweet Pea Two Piece Bridal Gown



Till next time!