Why did we create a Qipology knitwear collection?

I’ve always been fascinated with knitwear. After interning at two knitwear factories in my teens, I thought to myself, maybe one day I will have my own. Well, that dream faded along with my naivety, but I am glad that I still get the opportunity to explore working with knit.

My current supplier is actually a client turned friend. She came in looking for a qipao for a company annual dinner party and when she told me that she runs a small knitwear factory, that to me was a sign that I had to test the waters! The pandemic last year was the perfect timing – it allowed me the time to create a new collection beyond bridal and cocktail qipaos, and to see if qipaos beyond occasion wear will work for Qipology. And it did.

Our first collection is small – but finely curated, consisting primarily of black, dark blues and reds. Each piece was designed with comfort and versatility in mind, just pair with heels for a work meeting and with white lace-up sneakers for a casual day out. Both colors have been popular – though the darker colors always sell better – we realized that people still love the red and often choose them for betrothal ceremonies and Chinese New Year.

Below are a few reasons why we love knitwear:

  • They’re lightweight and comfortable and do not wrinkle easily.

Our knitted pieces are extremely comfortable and stretch well, always providing a good fit. The elasticity in knits come from the freedom of movement and open spaces that the interconnected loops have. For the same reason that knits stretch, they also resist wrinkling. When we are allowed to travel again, knitwear are great additions to your travel wardrobe as because you can just throw a piece on, look put together and feel comfortable.  

  • They can be worn for all-seasons and are easily transitional pieces.

Our knitted qipaos are lightweight enough to be worn for summer but throw on a leather jacket, some combat boots and you’re good to go for winter. We developed these pieces for you to add a bit of oriental elements to your wardrobe without sacrificing modernity and style.  

  • They are versatile.

We designed these pieces so it will be easy for everyone to wear Chinese -inspired clothing on a daily basis. Nothing too eye catching, subtle sophistication was what we were going for. Our pieces are designed so they can be easily dressed up and down, especially when women are so busy and play so many role these days! Slip into flat sandals for brunch or high heel stilettos with tassel earrings and a blazer for a dinner party.

We hope these reasons are good enough for you to try our knitted pieces! We are certain you will love them as much as we do. Get ready to feel comfortable and get a lot of compliments!