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5 Qipao Ideas for Your Chinese Summer Wedding

For many Chinese brides, wearing a qipao on their wedding day evokes not only a sense of unparalleled beauty, but also a profound connection to and pride in their cultural heritage. If you are enamored with the idea of wearing a qipao for your tea ceremony, but worried about the scorching summer heat, fear not - here are a few suggestions that will be weather-suitable, while still paying homage to the Chinese culture. 1. Lightweight Qipao: A qipao made with a lightweight and breathable material, such as silk satin or cotton, is a great option way for keeping cool in the summer heat. Gloxinia Cap Sleeve Mesh Back Qipao   2. Lace Qipao: A lace qipao can add a delicate and romantic touch to your wedding look. Choose a light-colored lace...

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Qipaos for Mother of the Brides

Many brides and grooms bring their mums to our showroom to get a qipao tailored for their wedding day. Finding a dress is a big deal for them too! The mums, of course, want to look beautiful for the day as they will be photographed plenty, but they are also conscious not to steal the bride's limelight. We know that they do struggle when finding the perfect qipao so we wanted to share some tips. Hope this helps!  1. Don't start looking too late! You should always allow enough time to give yourself to find a dress that you love but also will be comfortable in. Some mothers of the bride/ groom may opt to wear two or three different dresses throughout the day so definitely...

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