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My Hong Kong Wedding - December 05, 2018
"“It was the first time I had worn a qipao and I never expected to feel so elegant. I was automatically standing taller and felt more confident. I thought, what is there to lose – there is a gap in the market for young people to find qipaos they want to wear.”"
Qipology’s Julie Liu on creating affordable qipao dresses for the modern woman
South China Morning Post - January 24, 2019
"我希望更多的人对旗袍感兴趣; 因为它们很适合日常穿着, 所以我利用各种颜色和版型;设计出更具有现代感的旗袍。"
因为一场婚礼, 她从买手变成了旗袍品创始人
Instituto Maragoni - February 15, 2019
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