Why Custom Make Your Own Qipao

Ever wondered why you should get your qipaos custom made instead of getting it off the rack? Continue reading to understand our reasons why. Yes, having them custom made does require more fittings but we guarantee it is not as troublesome as it may sound.  You might even enjoy the process. 

  • Better Fit: The core goal of custom made clothing is so that the garment is produced based on your measurements while still being comfortable. It is essential that the qipao hugs your body at the right curves, flattering you at the best way possible. The idea is to flaunt your best assets and hide your worries away.
  • Unique: Custom made qipaos allow you to decide which color you want your dress to be, what fabric to use, how long you want your sleeves to be, how high you want your collar to be, whether you want to add pockets etc. It allows you to be more individual and own a piece that other people do not have. Don’t forget you can also bring in photo references to show us what qipao look you are finding so we can see how this can be incorporated into your own dress. Basically, you can design what you cannot find.
  • Less Waste: Did you know the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? The buy now, wear now and then throw it away mentality is a huge part to the industry’s problem. The fact that Qipology specializes in custom made qipaos / cheongsams, means that it helps minimize industrial waste as we only produce what is necessary.

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