What To Wear For Chinese New Year

With less than a month until Chinese New Year, it’s nearly time to think about what to wear for the occasion. Chinese New Year is a time of change and welcoming new beginnings so it is common to clear out and donate old clothes that you may not want to wear anymore and wear new clothes as a sign of a brand new start to bring in good luck. Of course, there is no special requirement as to what to wear but wouldn’t it be fun to dress up in a contemporary qipao or cheongsam? Our top picks are our “Anemone” co-ord set in gold, our ‘Violet’ tailored qipao set and the ‘Camellias’ lace mini qipao in red or pink for the more feminine girls. Place your order before January 15th 2019 to receive your outfit before Chinese New Year!

 Anemoe Qipao Coorder Set Gold

We have also compiled a few key pointers on Chinese customs for Chinese New Year that you may not be aware of! Read on...

  • Do Not Wear Black Or White

Black and white are colors often associated to funerals and mourning in Chinese culture so do not wear these colors during Chinese New Year! Traditionally, you should be wearing red as it is considered as a color that brings luck and fortune but if that is too flashy for you, you can always brighten your look by wearing accessories with accents of red (ie. scarf, shoes, bag).

  • Do Not Buy New Shoes During CNY

Refrain from buying new shoes during Chinese New Year. It is ok to buy new shoes prior and wear it on the first day of the year but never during Chinese New Year. This is because the Cantonese word for “shoes” sounds similar to the word “rough” and you wouldn’t want that for the upcoming new year, would you?

  • Wear New Underwear And Pajamas

Time to stock up on new underwear and pajamas as it is custom to wear new undergarments the night before the big day to welcome a “new you”. What’s even better? Wear red underwear to bring in luck, discreetly.

  • Do Not Wear Destroyed Clothing

I love ripped jeans but they’re a big no-no during Chinese New Year. Apparently destroyed clothes are said to bring bad luck…


How much you believe truly depends on how superstitious you are. Do you agree with the points above?