What To Expect At Your First Qipao Appointment

A lot of our clients are first time qipao/cheongsam wearers so we often get a lot of enquiries asking what they should expect and how the first qipao appointment works.   

We, at Qipology, will assist you in selecting the perfect qipao dress that best suits your figure, your requirements, and your budget. First of all, book an appointment with us so we can fully devote our time to you. Come to our studio to try on our current styles so you can have a general idea on what suits your style and figure the best. You may be surprised that sometimes what you are looking for may not be what you eventually choose and vice versa. Additionally, research in advance and bring in inspiration photos so you can discuss with us on what sort of silhouette and aesthetic you like. 

  • Have a think about the following few points before coming in. When will you be wearing the dress? What will the weather be like? What color are you deciding on? What style are you most comfortable in? These key pointers will help us understand what you want more.
  • There is actually not much needed. It may be useful to bring a strapless or backless bra, also Spanx if you wish, so we can get more accurate measurements of what your body will be like. But this is not absolutely necessary. If you already know what shoes you will wear, you can also bring those too.
  • Ensure that you allow adequate time to find the dress so you do not need to feel rushed and we can allow time to perform the necessary alterations. It is best to allow 2 – 3 months at least.
  • If you are someone who is indecisive, plan your entourage. Bring a friend or relative so they can give you advice. But, do not bring too many people as you may end up being confused with so many different opinions. It is also okay to come alone! Everyone is different and some may feel it is more efficient for them to go try on dresses alone.
  • Your first appointment will take approximately 60 mins.


The process is supposed to be fun and nothing intimidating! Book your appointment now by emailing us at info@qipology.com.