How to Measure

Before you begin:

1) Find someone to help you with your measurements to ensure that the measurements are as accurate as possible. Do not be cheeky and round up or down!

2) Wear close fitted clothing including the undergarments you plan to wear with the outfit for more precise measurements.

3) Stand up straight, keep the tape measure level but avoid pulling it too tight or too loose. We suggest putting in two fingers worth of additional space for room to breathe. 

4) Both cm or inches work for us.  

5) Relax – have fun! It’s not as hard as it sounds :) 

Measurement Guide:


Before we begin, use a ribbon and wrap it around the tiniest part of your waist, also known as your natural waistline. This will make taking measurements a lot easier. 

1. Neck Girth
For qipaos, we will be needing the circumference of the lower part of your neck. Wrap the tape around the base of your neck to form a small V shape. The looser the measurement, the looser the mandarin collar will be.

2. Shoulder Width
From the back, stand straight with arms to the side and measure the distance between the two shoulder bones.
Measurement - Shoulder
3. Armpit to Armpit (Front & Back)
Start from your left armpit, measure across your chest to your right. No need to go under the armpit. Do the same from the back.
Measurement - Armpit
4. Bust
Stand up tall with your arms relaxed to your sides, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bust and add two fingers to allow some room to breathe. Please wear the bra you are planning to wear with the qipao. Do not wear a sports bra. 
5. Bust Point Height
Start from the shoulder, over your bust to the breast point (highest part of your breasts). 
Measurement - breast point height
6. Bust Point Width
Measure the distance between the two bust points. 
Measurement - Breast point width
7. Waist
Wrap the tape around your natural waistline (where the ribbon is), which is typically one inch above your belly button. Don't forget to put two fingers in between to allow room to breathe.
Measurement - WaistMeasurement - Waist
8. Front Waist Length
Start from the shoulder, over your bust to where the ribbon is (i.e. your natural waistline). 
Qipao measurement - Front Waist Length
9. Back Waist Length
Turn around, measure from the back. Start at the shoulder to where the ribbon is. 
Qipao measurement - Back Waist Length
10. Back V Length
For qipaos with an open back, we will need to know how low you want your open back to be. Again, turn around. Start from the shoulder, and measure down to where you want the open back to end.  
Qipao measurement - Back V Length
11. Hips
Stand up tall, measure the broadest part of your hips, which is typically seven inches below your belly button. Go around the buttocks and do not forget to add the two fingers in between. 
Qipao Measurement - Hips
12. Sleeve Length
Measure from the shoulder bone to where you want the sleeves to end.
Qipao measurement - Sleeve Length
13. Arm Hole
Wrap the tape around your arm hole and add two fingers to allow space for easier movement. 
Qipao measurement - Arm Hole
14. Arm Girth
Relax your arms, wrap the tape around the widest part of your arm / biceps, and take the measurements from there. 
Qipao measurement - Arm Girth
15. Dress Length
Stand up straight. Measure from your shoulder over your bust to where you want the qipao to end. If you plan on wearing a floor length qipao, please take measurements from shoulder to the floor and additionally let us know your heel height. 
Qipao measurement - Dress length
16. Slit Height
Similar to the above, stand up tall. Start from the shoulder, go over your bust and measure to where you want the slit to start. The general rule of thumb is to use your second finger as a guidance. 
Qipao measurement - Slit height                       
17. Height
Finally, please let us know how tall you are. 

We hope this helps! As usual, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions on how to measure. If you are based in Hong Kong, we can arrange for a face-to-face appointment to help you take your measurements. If you are based overseas, we also do virtual appointments and can take measurements together over a video call.