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Qipaos for Mother of the Brides

Many brides and grooms bring their mums to our showroom to get a qipao tailored for their wedding day. Finding a dress is a big deal for them too! The...

Many brides and grooms bring their mums to our showroom to get a qipao tailored for their wedding day. Finding a dress is a big deal for them too! The mums, of course, want to look beautiful for the day as they will be photographed plenty, but they are also conscious not to steal the bride's limelight. We know that they do struggle when finding the perfect qipao so we wanted to share some tips. Hope this helps! 

1. Don't start looking too late!

You should always allow enough time to give yourself to find a dress that you love but also will be comfortable in. Some mothers of the bride/ groom may opt to wear two or three different dresses throughout the day so definitely take time to plan ahead. Go to more dress shops to try on different styles/silhouettes so you have a better idea of what looks good on you. Ideally, you should start looking for your outfits six months prior to the wedding.  


2. Take into account the location, season, and time of day. 

Before you get a dress/qipao made, think about when you will be wearing the outfit. Will it be just for the tea ceremony, is it in the winter, are you going to be outdoors? These factors all matter. You wouldn't want to wear a long sleeves velvet qipao under the scorching sun in the summer months nor would you wear something too glamourous and revealing at a day time ceremony.  Dress appropriately  - you should always ask the designer or salesperson for their professional advice. 


3. Find a style that's flattering - and more you. 

It's vital to feel comfortable in your outfit as you'll not only be wearing it for hours but how comfortable you are truly shows in your poise and facial expressions. Find a style that flatters your best assets and covers your problem areas. A lot of mum clients are particularly conscious of two body parts: their arms and their belly. Apart from being worried that the AC in the hotels will be too cold,  they often skip sleeveless styles and instead opt for styles that are cap sleeves or mid sleeves to cover their troubled areas and add a shawl if necessary. If you are worried about your belly, why not opt for an A-line silhouette so it's less noticeable? The best thing about custom making your gown is you have your say and plenty of choices. 

Qipology Green Star Lace Qipao



4. Choose a color that is right for the occasion. 

In Chinese tradition, the brighter the color, the better. Our Chinese clients typically avoid wearing dark colors ( dark blue, black etc.) as they want to look sharper in pictures. Popular colors amongst our clients are green, turquoise, purple, pink, silver, and champagne. Rarely do they opt for bright red as that's a color that is usually reserved for brides. Pink a color that complements your skin tone and that you will be comfortable in. You can also discuss with the bride to see if there are certain colors she would like you to avoid wearing.  


                                    Qipology Heather lace qipao 


We understand that the process of finding a dress may be tiring and stressful, but that's why we are here to help. Book a one-on-one appointment with us ( or bring your future in-laws) to try on our collections. 




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