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What to Wear for Prom 2024

Prom night is an enchanting milestone in every teenager's life, filled with excitement, laughter, and unforgettable memories. 

Prom season is coming up - the most exciting, yet stressful day that all high school students look forward to. It’s the time to dress up, have fun with your friends and celebrate the end of a chapter. Now, you’re probably wondering “What should I wear for Prom?”, “Where can I find a prom dress in Hong Kong?”. With endless options of prom dresses online, how can you start to choose?!

If you're feeling unsure about what to wear for your prom, don't worry! We’re here to help!

 1. Comfort First!

You’ll want to dress to impress, but no matter what, WEAR SOMETHING COMFORTABLE! Don’t wear a dress you have to adjust every five seconds, choose a dress that lets you move on the dance floor!

An A-Line silhouette that’s fitted on the bodice and flows from the waist is great for all body types, super flattering, but most importantly – comfy!

Holly Sparkle Cut Out Gold Sequins A-Line Qipao Prom DressBlack Petunia Brocade Mini Qipao Prom Dress with Crystals around Neckline

Get the look: Holly Sparkle Cut Out Qipao & Black Petunia Brocade Mini Qipao

2. Sparkle the night away!

Prom is the perfect excuse to glam it up and dress up in something sparkly! A dress that will turn heads when you walk in a room and catch people’s eyes will definitely make you feel like the belle of the ball!

Sparkles come in many forms, such as sequins, crystals, embroidery, and other embellishments. You can choose a dress with some accents, or a dress covered in them. Channel your inner prom queen and accessorise with matching earrings!


Midnight Elegance Dark Blue Scoop Back Sequins Qipao with Draping

Get the look: Disco Silver Sequins QipaoMidnight Elegance Scoop Back Qipao & Asymmetrical Pankou Earrings 

3. Flatter your Figure!

Prom is all about looking and feeling good. Choosing a dress that flatters your figure is crucial for feeling confident and beautiful on prom night. A body-hugging velvet dress can enhance one’s body shape, look luxurious, while offering comfort and ease of movement as they are stretchy in fabric. It accentuates curves for hourglass figures, balances pear-shaped bodies, offers comfort for apple-shaped figures, adds curves to athletic builds, and has a slimming effect for plus-size figures. Overall, stretchy velvet fabric enhances one's natural shape while creating an elegant and glamorous look.

Black Swan Halter High Slit Qipao Prom Dress with CrystalsForget Me Not Dark Blue Velvet Qipao with Sleeves and CrytalsFuchsia Hellebores Open Back Velvet Qipao Prom Dress
Get the look: Black Swan Halter High Slit Qipao, Forget Me Not Velvet Qipao & Hellebores Open Back Velvet Qipao


4. Don’t be afraid to show some skin!

While it’s okay to show some skin at prom, you should keep in mind how much you are showing. Remember to stay classy, not trashy!

Cut-out dresses that show a hint of the neckline or waist can add an alluring touch to your look without being overly revealing. The cutouts can accentuate your collarbone or create the illusion of a smaller waist. It’s a modern and trendy option that adds a touch of glamour to your prom ensemble!

Holly Cut-Out Blue Grey Velvet Maxi Qipao Prom Dress with Crystals around NeckBlack Rose Mini Asymmetrical Lace Qipao Prom Dress

 Get the look: Holly Cut Out Velvet Maxi Qipao & Black Rose Mini Asymmetrical Qipao 

An open-back dress is also an excellent choice! It shows just the right amount of skin, while creating a subtle glamorous effect. Whether it’s a V-back or a lace up design, it is sure to make a statement!


Dark Green Hellebores Open Back Velvet Qipao Prom Dresswith SlitMaleficent Black Velvet Lace Up Qipao with Front Slit

Get the look: Hellebores Open Back Velvet Qipao & Maleficent Velvet Lace Up Qipao 

5. Be different and go with a short dress!

For more petite girls – short dresses are your best friend! We all know how hard it can be to find a long dress to match our height, and having to alter a dress’ length is too much work.

Short prom dresses are often more comfortable and easier to dance in compared to long gowns and can be just as elegant and eye catching! Word of advice - find something around your knee length, it gives a more sophisticated yet stylish look, while showcasing your legs.

Short prom dresses are timeless and can be worn for other occasions beyond prom night!

Mini Sequins Short Qipao Prom Dress with Fur

Get the look: Mini Sequins Qipao with Fur & Black Spring Sequinned Cut Out Qipao 

Hopefully these five tips will help you choose what you’re wearing for prom.

Check out our Prom Collection for more options and dress inspo!


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