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How to make your qipao unique ft. the mandarin collar

The mandarin collar is one of the most iconic features of a qipao. Apart from deciding how high you want your collar to be, you can also choose which mandarin...

The mandarin collar is one of the most iconic features of a qipao. Apart from deciding how high you want your collar to be, you can also choose which mandarin collar style suits your personal style and function the best. Read on to learn more about the different mandarin collars.
1. Round Collar 圓領
Round qipao collar
The round collar is the most common collar type and is the style most often seen within our collections. As mentioned in its name, the edge of the collar where the one piece of fabric meets at the base of the neck, is round. If you are looking for a mandarin collar type that will stand the test of time, the round collar is definitely the one to opt for.  
Round qipao collar
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2. Square Collar 方領
Square qipao collar
Next up is the square collar, where the edge of the collar at the front is structured and square. The angular design gives a more serious vibe making this perfect for those looking to make a qipao for a more formal occasion. This style is also one of my personal favorites. 
square neck collar
3. Wavy Collar 波浪領
Wavy collar qipao
The wavy collar also known as the scallop collar means that the edges of the collar is not flat but instead curves up and down like waves. Less commonly seen, the wavy collar is romantic and helps add interest to the neckline. If you already own a classical round collar qipao and thinking to get another one, you may want to give this wavy collar style a try.
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4. Fengxian Collar 鳳仙領
Fengxian collar qipao
The Fengxian collar is folded downwards to form a resemblance as a lapel seen on western clothing where the edges are rounded. They can be single flapped or double as show in the image below. Nowadays most commonly used in wedding gowns in China, you may opt for this version if you are looking for a qipao that is more traditional. 

5. V-neck Collar V字領
V-neck collar qipao
The V-neck collar refers to leaving a V-shape at the neckline. This is a hybrid of modern and classical interpretations of the mandarin collar. If you are not a fan of the typical stand up collar, and want something a bit more sexy and less constricting, we believe the V-neck is a perfect choice for you. The stand up collar at the back as well as any pankou buttons will help ensure the style remains "Oriental" enough. 
V-neck qipao collar
Courtesy: Diosa Design
Courtesy: Hua Design 
6. Keyhole Collar 水滴領
Keyhole collar qipao
The keyhole collar in Chinese translates to "water droplet". The collar features an opening that resembles a water drop shape at the neckline. Perceived as slightly sexier, this style is a popular one amongst younger generations. If you are looking for a qipao that is less traditional and more youthful, we suggest you to opt for this!
We hope this gives you a better idea of the different options and which mandarin collar you should choose when you next customize your own qipao!


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