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How to Wear a Qipao Without Feeling Out of Place

Read our tips on how to modernize your qipao / cheongsam look.

I love qipaos, but nothing too traditional, just because that’s not very me. In general, I find it too restrictive as I tend to move around all the time and walk very fast. I also can’t help feeling self conscious and completely “out of place”. But don’t be discouraged! Qipaos are so fun to wear and there are endless possibilities when it comes to silhouettes, materials and how to accessorize to modernize the look. Here’s a short guide to my favorite ways of creating a more contemporary qipao look. Hope it helps!


  • Silhouette:


Silhouette is the easiest way to modernize your qipao / cheongsam look. Look beyond the traditional qipao styles featuring two side slits and instead opt for styles that show off your best assets. Why not an open back design to flaunt your toned back, a thigh high front slit that shows off your killer legs or a cut out style to accentuate your waist? Not too comfortable with bearing too much skin? Look into wearing co-ords. They’re not only stylish but I guarantee you’ll also feel comfortable.


Qipology Crocus Open Back Jumpsuit 

Gladiolus Qipao Suit

    Qipology Gladiolus Tailored Mandarin Set 

Rosa Qipao Dress

Qipology Red Rosa Midi Qipao Dress

  • Color:


Instead of the usual black or reds, why not choose a color that stands out? Don’t forget all our qipao styles are custom made so you can work with us and pick any color you like. By injecting some color into your outfit, you can keep all the other elements simpler (ie. shoes, bags) because you will want the focus to be on the dress. Alternatively, if you do choose to wear a black qipao, you can always spice up your outfit by piling on tons of jewelry and wearing your brightest pair of stilettos.

Jasmine Qipao Dress

 Qipology Jasmine High Slit Qipao Dress

  • Accessorize:


Comfort is key and what is more comfortable than wearing sneakers anyway. Skip the feminine heels this time and put on your favorite pairs of slip-on sneakers instead. We guarantee you’ll walk much faster :)  Carry a crazy box clutch to add some fun into your outfit. Put on some tassel earrings to complete the look. It’s all about adding playful elements into your qipao look.  


Qipology Hyacinth Velvet Pajamas Set


  • Hair:


Whenever I’m in a qipao, I like to put my hair in high ponytails because 1) I am not good at setting my hair 2) it’s extremely fast and easy to do and 3) most importantly, it allows me to show off the mandarin collar, which is KEY. Don’t feel obliged to follow how women in the 1920’s set their hair. The curls may seem like you are trying too hard especially if you are thinking of wearing the qipao look during the day. 







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