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How to Find the Perfect Bridal Qipao / Cheongsam for your Wedding?

Often brides have never worn a qipao before. Read a few tips on how to find the perfect bridal qipao / cheongsam.

Many of our Qipology brides looking for a qipao / cheongsam to wear for their wedding day come to us not knowing what to expect as they’ve never worn one before. Often questions like what fabric to use, what color to pick, how high the qipao collar should be, what silhouette to choose, come up and the list goes on. While some are really personal preferences, others can be advised by our designer taking into considerations of your budget, the season you are getting married, your wedding style and your body shape. 


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Continue reading for some of our top tips:

  • You’ll be moving a lot on your wedding day, from the tea ceremony to toasting your guests at the wedding banquet, it is vital that your qipao looks good of course but it is also important for you to be comfortable in it. Remember to try sitting and kneeling in your qipao to understand how it feels. Decide whether you want a qipao gown with a train or not, as it may be difficult to walk in.
  • If you are lucky to have a long neck, you can opt for a higher collar but don’t worry if you don’t! Brides with a shorter neck can choose a collar that is more shallow to create an illusion of a longer neck. Our qipao collars are typically 1.5 inches in height but of course we can always customize to what you want.
  • Understand your body shape. If you are concerned about your wide hips, choose an A-line silhouette or a dress with a looser fit at the bottom. You can always add a slit to show off your legs so the dress does not cling to your lower body as much. Alternatively, if you have an hourglass figure and want to flaunt it, choose a mermaid silhouette so the qipao hugs you in all the right places. Got a sexy back or toned arms? Choose an open back or halter style. There are plenty of styles to play with and definitely something for everyone.

Looking for the perfect bridal qipao is not easy but it is fun! Book an appointment with us so you can try on styles and discuss with our designer what you are looking for to find the perfect bridal qipao for you! Hope this helps!



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