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101 to Qipao Gown Silhouettes

Qipao dress shopping particularly for brides, can be as overwhelming as shopping for the actual wedding gown. With too many choices out there, it is easy to want all of...

Qipao dress shopping particularly for brides, can be as overwhelming as shopping for the actual wedding gown. With too many choices out there, it is easy to want all of them. Our advice? Do some research on what style you prefer, then book an appointment with us to start trying on the different styles. Don’t forget though - sometimes what you like may not eventually be the style that looks best on you. Read on for a quick guide to the different dress silhouettes and what is ideal for each body type. Each style is created to cater different body shape and figures, highlighting certain body parts while hiding other concerning parts. Let us know which silhouette you like best!

1. The Ballgown: This is the fairy tale gown for brides who are looking for the perfect princess look. With a fitted bodice along with the trademark full skirt, this looks particularly good on boyish figures because it gives an illusion of enhanced curves. It is also great for pear shapes as the fitted top defines your waist while skims over your hips camouflaging for brides who may be more concerned about their lower body.


2. The A-Line: The A-line dress is universally one of the most popular dress silhouettes as it flatters most figure types. Slightly more streamlined and less puffy than a ballgown silhouette, this dress silhouette has a fitted bodice through the waist and cascade towards the hem and perfectly hides any bulging tummies.                                                 



3. The Trumpet: Often confused with the mermaid silhouette, a trumpet silhouette has a straight-lined bodice that then flares out mid-thigh. This style is ideal for ladies who are looking to accentuate a small waist (ie. hourglass figures or petites). It is also great for apple and pear shapes as the focus is on the stomach and hips and not on the legs. As it is roomier near the legs, it is also a great option for an afterparty dress as it is easier to move and dance in. 



4. The Mermaid: The dress silhouette is also one of the most popular styles as it accentuates curves and femininity in a sexy way. The dress is extremely fitted until the knee where it begins to flare out. With a cut that snugs so closely to your hips, this is perfect for ladies with an hourglass shape and want to show off their curves. 




5. The Sheath: A simpler and sophisticated option, the silhouette has a narrow, more straight shape flowing from the neckline down to the hem. Ideal for petite, slender or lean ladies where it provides the illusion of a slim silhouette that lengthens the body and adds height.    

If you are like me and want everything, one of the newer trends is multiple -wear. Add a removable skirt to your qipao to bring it from tea ceremony appropriate to something perfect for your evening banquet. Talk about saving money but also being innovative. Talk to us if you wish this to be an option for you. 

Qipology specializes in modernizing cheongsam / qipaos so we often take references from western dress silhouettes and combine oriental features to make them modern and chic at the same time. 

Book an appointment with us to try on as many different styles as you want to find your perfect qipao gown.





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